What do I do? How do I work?

  • Individual coaching – live or online meeting, 1:1.
  • Group coaching – meetings in small groups. Everyone has an individual goal, but people in the group often have similar topics. For example: mothers of small children, people starting their own business, etc.
  • Creativity coaching. Meetings in small groups. You don’t have to be an artist like painter, ,dancer or singer. Creativity is a way of thinking needed now in many areas of life.
  • Parental coaching. Individually, in pairs or in small groups. Everyone who is a parent knows what kind of ride it is. These meetings are for parents who would like to support their children more, to be a better parent. If you want to change something, but do not know how to do it or where to start – we need to talk :-).
  • Teen coaching. This type of coaching is dedicated to teenagers who want to work on self-confidence, assertiveness or an choice of their path / way of education.

How to start?

We set up the first meeting – it is a free and now it is online, lasting up to 60 minutes. During this “zero” session, I will introduce you to the essence of coaching and the principles of our cooperation. You will be able to find out, if this is a method for you and if I am the person you want to work with.

What to bring?

Come with openness and positive attitude, we don’t need anything else. Every client is different and every story is unique. Sometimes you are looking for a job change, sometimes it is about your private life. There are no bad topics!

How long does it take?

One session (usually 60-90 minutes) may be enough to solve the problem, but it is often a series of meetings – sometimes 5, sometimes more. It all depends on the nature of your issue and the number of goals you want to achieve. Sessions may be weekly, biweekly, or less frequently, but typically I meet once per week.


We’re all fed up with online life, meeting on Teams, Zoom integration. Many people reevaluate and change their lives, same as I did. This is the first time we have had such a crisis, so I believe this is great opportunity to build on it.

Do you feel the same? I would like to invite you to live gatherings, where you can strengthen yourself, and check what to do (and how)  in these crazy times. Authentic relation is important, same as safety of participants, so the maximum number is 4 people.

I run one and two-day workshops about:
• Creativity. How to unleash, unblisck and stimulate it. You don’t need to draw, dance or sing to be creative. Creativity is a way of thinking, and just as the muscles in your body need exercise, your head needs creative thinking.

• Girls support, Power of Sisters is a workshop dedicated to all women. I constantly meet women who do not feel good or smart enough, have reservations about their appearance or do not see their talents. We are the same. And we’re all good, complete, and just right. During this workshop you will remind yourself about this. Get to know yourself better, get to know your good points and strengthen them. Create empowering relationships that are respectful and trusting. Define your goals and ways to achieve them.

The workshops take place in Warsaw or in the vicinity of Podlasie in the beautiful Skrzeszew. For the next dates, please contact me.
See you soon!